• The Pool

    Indulge in our beautiful swimming pools, designed for adults and small children, whilst feeling connected to the sea with the infinity pool.

    prices from US$3

  • Type A&B Bungalow

    The idea of a tranquil vacation at the beach is the easy access to the sea. The serenity of our bungalows can provide you with a private stay, ideal for families or group travels.

    prices from US$180

  • Jet Ski Rental

    Ride along the clear teal blue waves in our available jet-skis and motorboats while enjoying the scenery of the shores of Sihanouk Ville

    prices from US$100

  • Type M Bungalow

    Most suitable for a family private getaway, gratify you and your loved ones in our luxurious 2-story villa fixed with its own kitchen and pantry to feel just like home.

    prices from US$250

  • Kiosk on the beach

    Retire to our uniquely designed kiosks that can provide you with a suitable shade from the beach sun and a set-up for your holiday’s seaside barbeque.

    prices from US$20

  • Type S Bungalow

    Rejuvenate from your weary trip at our enticing 2-story villa facing the sea for a stunning view..

    prices from US$350

  • In the resort

    Enjoy fresh air with a nice view from the sea.

  • Deluxe Twin Room

    Ease the day’s adventure in our furnished Deluxe Twin Room at a satisfying price but assuring comfort.

    prices from US$45

Welcome to Emario Beach Resort, Sihanouk Ville

A relaxing place where travelers can find the most comfortable stay

Emario Resorts' core value is the hospitality that inspires our 'strangers'. Emario Beach Resort is one of Emario Resort Brands located in the heart of Sihanouk Ville Province, the most popular tourist destinations in Cambodia.

Famous for its beautiful beaches and sea, fascinating islands, international port and airport, Sihanouk Ville province is a paradise for humans. Ideally located in the center of this 'paradise', Emario Beach Resort lays on the beautiful beach 'Hawaii Beach' or 'Kaoh Poah' making her one of the most accessible and relaxing beach resorts.

Discerning travelers will enjoy the most promising service, tranquil surrounding, beautiful landscape, touching architecture and design, and various quality of food and beverages. Staying in this indigenous resort, you could also have free access to the gorgeous swimming pool, which 'links' with the sea and the edge of the sky.

Emario Beach Resort is a relaxing place where travelers can find the most comfortable stay.

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